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The Liar and His Lover TV series - Wikipedia.
By chance, Han-gyul meets So-rim and begins to fall for her whilst hiding his true identity. Joy as Yoon So-rim 9 10. A nineteen-year-old high school student who possesses a gifted voice. She is scouted by a music CEO and forms the band Mush Co with her two childhood friends. So-rim's' parents died when she was young and she now lives with her grandmother who runs a store called Happy" Fruits and Vegetables. So-rim helps her grandmother by delivering orders to customers, and one day accidentally meets and falls in love at first sight with Han-gyul. Lee Jung-jin as Choi Jin-hyuk. Director of Sole Music. He has been in love with Yu-na from the beginning and has been waiting for her. Lee Seo-won as Seo Chan-young 11.
The Liar and His Lover Red Velvet Wiki Fandom.
The two meet and fall in love with each other's' singing voices. Joy Park Soo Young as 'Yoon' So Rim'' who is an aspiring, happy-go-lucky singer. Lee Hyun Woo as 'Kang' Han Kyeol'' Producer K who is a talented and stubborn music producer that puts music above everything else. Lee Seo Won as 'Seo' Chan Young'' who is the talented bassist for 'Crude' Play'' and replaced Han Kyeol.

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