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BTS Wears Custom Korean Tuxedos on the Grammys Red Carpet Vogue. Story Saved. Close. Search. Menu. Story Saved. Close. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Save Story. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Save Story. Chevron. Chevron. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Inst
But BTS subverted this stereotype in one simple stroke by enlisting two South Korean designers. JayBaek Couture delivered custom looks for V, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, Suga, and RM, while J-Hopes came from designer Kim Seo Ryong, whose namesake label has long been a fixture at Seoul Fashion Week.
Legendary K-Pop Idol Seo Taiji Passes Torch to BTS: This" is Your Generation Now" - Geeks Of Color.
On Saturday, September 3rd, well-loved Korean Idol Seo Taiji held a 25th-anniversary Time: Traveler concert that lasted for 2 and a half hours in a crowded stadium full of people. For nine of his widelypopular songs he had a little help from a group of special guests, the members of BTS. During the concert, in front of 35,000, fans, Taiji passed them the theoretical torch and proclaimed them his successor stating, This is your generation now. If youre not in the know, BTS is a male k-pop group from South Korean made up out of seven members that were debuted back in 2013. Since then, they have won numerous awards and toured all over the world with the current estimate of albums sold to date being around four million.
BTS, the band that changed K-pop, explained - Vox. clock. menu. more-arrow. no. yes. mobile. Search. vox-mark. Vox Media.
No single member of BTS is its face, but the spotlight often belongs to 25-year-old singer and dancer Park Jimin. Jimin is frequently positioned as the groups lead vocalist. Hes also a part of the groups dance line, for good reason, along with J-Hope, Jungkook, and Taehyung.
Jungkook - Wikipedia.
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